Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HOLY COW!!! Time flies by when busy busy! A lot has happened around here since the last update.

I found out that Dartmouth changed their criteria for sending in all my preliminary tests. So on 5/21 I sent it all in - everything I've worked for since 8/08 to put together. Last week they called and let me know I needed to update a few things and send in a few others. Yesterday I updated my bloodwork at docs and let them know they needed to send in my notes for the monthly visits I've been having. I also have an appt on Aug. 6 with my sleep clinic for a follow up before I can see Dartmouth. So maybe after all that I can start getting my appts down there.

The one drawback is insurance. MVP has strict criteria which they made even stricter as of 4/09. I've been assured by Dartmouth they will work with me to make that criteria and if not able work with insurance to see what else can be done.

It's been such a long journey and it all started with one doc in 1/08 who said "you're going to die if you don't do something" I'm ready to LIVE - so let's go already!!! (never said I was a patient person)

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JUDY said...

hi jenn, whats the latest? how is it going? I am praying for you :)