Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Line to a New Healthier Me

Jan. 08 - Endocrinologist appt - VT Bariatric Program Referral

Feb. 08 -PCP appt - Second referral to Bariatric Program (first got lost)

Mar. 25 - Intro Class to VT Program

Apr. 28 - Call to setup First Surgeon appt.

May 12 - First Surgeon appt. - met with Nurse practioner, dietician, PT, Psych

June 9 - Second Surgeon appt. - got call 10 min. prior to leaving - appt. cancelled due to surgeon resigning. Will get another call when they figure things out.

July 13 - Called VT Bariatric Center to find out what going on- still no surgeon available but can cont. seeing dietician. Decided to go to Dartmouth.

Aug. 1 - Intro class to Dartmouth Bariatric program

Aug. 2 - Registered Online with Dartmouth

Aug. 4 - Sent Registration fee to Dartmouth Bariatric Program

Aug. 12 - Call from Dartmouth saying they recieved registration fee and online registration

Aug. 13 - Paperwork recieved from Darmouth

Aug. 15 - Called PCP to setup PFT

Aug. 22 - Called Psych for possible follow up appt.

Aug. 25 - Received calls from PCP re: setup of PFT - hopefully in Sept.; and Psych with follow up in Sept. Initially would not have done it but since my surgeon resigned she would make an exception. YAY!!!
To come -

Sept. 5 - Follow up with Psych

Sept. 19 - Physical

Sept - PFT

Not much longer now!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Official!!!

It's official as of last Tuesday I'm in the Dartmouth Bariatric Program with no chance of getting booted out. YAY!!! It's about time things start moving along, I'm patient only so long then I blow :)

I just got off the fine with my PCP about scheduling a Pulm. Function Test then the next step is getting my physical done. Next week I'll work on calling the psychologist I saw at the Vermont Program who has a private practice and she if she will see me.

Keep your fingers crossed everyone that things go smoothly from here on out.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I've started!

Aug. 1 was my day to start the Dartmouth Bariatric Program. I attended the mandatory class and have sent in my registration. I am now waiting to hear that they actually got everything and to send me my packet to start. I have my physical scheduled mid-Sept., as well as post op report of my lap. gall bladder removal which they will need. I'm so hoping for surgery by Xmas! That would be such an awesome xmas present :)

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! A whopping 35 years old. I feel everyone of those years lately. It's going to be a great year though - making healthy lifestyle changes all over the place. I need my friends to keep me in line from now on. ;)

I'm so excited to get things going I can't believe it. It's been a long year to get to this point now I hope it will go nice and quick.