Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 more days!

3 days until I go for the info meeting at Dartmouth!!! I'm getting very excited to get on with things. 2 months ago I was so upset over the resignation of my surgeon. Now I'm in a new program and no chance of having to start over again. There's enough surgeons in the program so if mine leaves I'll be safe!!

I had a chat with Financial Services at Dartmouth and found out exactly what my insurance will cover and the criteria I need to meet for approval. I've met all the criteria but still have to submit all that paperwork when it's completed. YAY!!! I'm getting another step closer to a new me :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've had a great week until yesterday. Now I have the stupid stomach bug and I can't keep out of the bathroom. Maybe I'll lose some more weight - just not the way I want to go :)
I had visit with my PMD this week and let her know about the switch to the Dartmouth Bariatric Program. She's all for it, just sucks that I can't transfer what little was already done except the psych eval. In a way that's a good thing I guess. I'm scheduled for my physical in September and hopefully at that time we will have the packet of mandatory info from Dartmouth to get going on.
August 1st is coming soon! I'm so ready to get on with this. It's been a long road full of pot holes and delays. I can't believe it's finally time to get things going. I have a friend from work coming with me for the drive so I don't have to be by myself. Not sure if my aunt will come with us. I've even been in contact with the financial person to go through insurance info. Next thing will be to send in some money to cover the online sites that are mandatory. Wish me luck!
BTW - Lost 10lbs so far since June 9 - YAY!!! Slow and steady wins the race.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


O.k. this is getting a bit ridiculous! I've done all 3 shifts this week and I'm utterly pooped.

First off they did not need me for last night but I managed to get 4 hours of paperwork done. I ended up leaving at 4:30 am because I just couldn't take it anymore. I had no patients of my own and the 2 that were there were no work at all. Considering it was a holiday yesterday we didn't have much come in. Usually the 4th is quite interesting with all the burns and such. Most places are having their fireworks tonight so it may be a delayed thing.

I had a sensible lunch while at work and now I'm totally nauseated. I managed to have a bagel a little while ago. This changing of shifts is just playing havoc with my system and making me ill. Things have to turn around now!!!!!

O.k. done the vent. Now let's get on with the day and hope to get some sleep here soon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Starting Over

Well I didn't last very long. I wish work would cooperate with me here. I've gotten into the habit of bringing in food now but now they can't tell what shift I'm going to work and it's just throwing me off! Today I went through being on during the day to low census to being on call and now I'm working night shift for sure. No wonder I'm having issues with food. I am going to bring in a sandwich with some healthy soup and veggies. So now I have a plan in place let's hope work isn't so crazy that I do have time to eat.

Tomorrow I'm going to start weighing myself again and journaling on a daily basis. I need to get back on track and start behaving myself again. Have yet to hear from the surgeon re: WLS but have made plans on going to Dartmouth for their initial info meeting on Aug. 1. Let's hope I hear from the surgeon next week.